In-office work enhances employees’ productivity, more stress in WFH, says CBRE report

Gurugram: The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a monumental shift in the traditional office work culture, compelling organizations worldwide to adopt remote work practices that led to a hybrid work model which emerged as a transformative solution. As the combination of remote work and in-office presence has become a new normal, the extensive survey of CBRE, India’s leading real estate consulting firm, has some startling findings that returning to office spaces is gaining traction.
The survey results showed that the productivity of employees working from the office was much higher in comparison to remote employees. Eighty percent of employees working from the office are of the view that their personal productivity has increased, the report said.
On the other hand, the remote employees confirmed higher stress levels and reduced job satisfaction. Seventy percent of the remote employees said that they are facing stress and added that working pressure has also increased.
The report further said that 68 percent of employees working from the office expressed their job satisfaction level increased against 66 percent working from home.
The CBRE report also shed light on the feeling of connectedness among employees. The survey revealed that those working from their respective offices felt more connected with their colleagues, teams and other teams as well.
Eighty-three percent of office occupiers stated that their relationship with colleagues improved vis-a-vis 69 percent of WFH employees.
Employees working from home displayed lots of dissatisfaction and wanted to switch more often. The report said that 64 percent of WFH employees tend to switch as they feel dissatisfied in comparison to 52 percent working in their office.
Vatika Business Centre CEO Vineet Taing said, “Working from an office provides a dedicated and professional workspace, free from the distractions and comfort-related challenges that can arise at home. In-person interactions in an office setting facilitate real-time communication, quick decision-making, and spontaneous brainstorming sessions. This can lead to more efficient problem-solving and reduced delays. Though confidentiality and business privacy are something which needs to be strongly debated while working from home and office since they can be compromised to a large extent while employees are working from home.”
The physical separation between work and home environments that the office provides can help employees establish clear boundaries, leading to better focus during work hours and enhanced relaxation during personal time, he added.