Haryana has plummeted to the bottom during BJP rule- Bhupinder Singh Hooda

• Haryana slipped to 16th in Ease of Doing Business rankings
• Falling business sentiment has hit employment, Haryana now number 1 in unemployment- Hooda
• Haryana was number 1 in per capita investment during Congress govt
Chandigarh: Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda targeted the BJP government after the decline in Haryana’s Ease of Doing Business rankings. With Haryana falling 13 places to number 16 from the third position, the government stands exposed and it has become clear to the people why Haryana has reached the number 1 position in unemployment.
Hooda said the BJP’s six-year directionless rule has created a situation where far from new industries setting up base in Haryana, even existing industries are leaving the state. While the government is claiming that the state has attracted investment of lakhs of crores, the truth is that the industries working in the state are also moving to another state due to directionless governance and increasing crime in the state.
The Leader of Opposition said the government had organised Happening Haryana in 2015 and it claimed to have signed MoU of Rs 5.87 lakh crore. In the RTI filed in 2019, the government had admitted that only 4 per cent of this much-hyped investment actually came through and there has not been a significant increase over this period.
Hooda said that during the Congress tenure, Haryana was in the number one position in per capita investment and IMTs were opened across Haryana for industrial development of every part of the state. Today, the situation has become such that the industries are either forced to lay off workers or are thinking of moving to other states due to deteriorating conditions.
The former Chief Minister said due to bad condition of the private sector and layoffs in the government sector, Haryana has reached number 1 in unemployment and the youth of the state are forced to sit at home. Due to this, the crime graph of the state has increased and there has also been an unprecedented increase in the use of intoxication.
Hooda said that the declining business has also affected the state’s economic condition, putting Haryana under the mounting burden of debt. He said the state government should consider this worrying situation and a strategy should be formulated to improve the business sentiment and the fiscal condition of the state.

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