Corruption exposed : NPC and Pro League came under scanner

-Bodybuilding legend calls out Jim Manion.

New Delhi (agency): Bodybuilding Legend Vic Richards has published a post on his official Facebook page, calling out Jim Manion, in regards to the alleged corruption within the NPC and Pro League.

Jim Manion, the NPC and Pro League, have recently been the center of attention, due to an investigation by the Washington Post.

The Washington Post has exposed the alleged corruption, dangerous coaches, sexual predators, and many more horrible situations within the NPC, Pro League and the bodybuilding world in general.

Jim Manion his family, and various promoters and judges have been allegedly singled out by the Washington Post in their investigative articles.

Not long after the articles by the Washington Post were published, a number of promoters have resigned from the NPC and Pro League, with some aligning themselves with IFBB‘s USA affiliate, IFBB Physique America.